Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Saltillo Tiles

Doug and I have always been very partial to homes with Spanish designs. In fact, our plan is to build a home that is distinctly Spanish in design. It'll come complete with stucco exterior siding, low-pitched barrel tiled roofs, arched windows, raised entryways and a courtyard.

In the courtyard, we'll use outdoor saltillo tile which can be sealed with a sealer to extend its life-span. I would hate for my outdoor tiles to age and crack before their time!

Saltillo tiles will also look beautiful on the patio. A glossy looking patio with beautiful furniture and green plants. I can just see my Spanish style home!

I have been checking out SaltilloTileConnection.com and besides Saltillo tiles they also carry Talavera Superior Tiles. I can picture these beautiful and colorful tiles on my kitchen floor.

It will be a while before we can build our Spanish designed home but meantime I will continue to dream of that day!


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