Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Are cows the main cause of pollution or a source of alternative energy?

Compare these two stories about the cows. First story, not good for the us and the cows.

(NewsTarget) Rising gas prices and global warming issues have spurred an increased interest in clean cars, but a report by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization suggests that the real culprit for the latter problem isn't the car but the cow.

The 400-page report, entitled Livestock's Long Shadow, states that the world's surging cattle herds are the No. 1 threat to the climate, forests and other wildlife, as they cause environmental problems from acid rain and the introduction of alien species to the poisoning of drinking water and the destruction of ocean life. The pollution from cattle ranching washes down into the sea and causes "dead zones" where there is no ocean life. Up to 8,108 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico is such a zone due to beef production wastes washed down by the Mississippi river.

Second story - There is something redeeming about the cow. Who isn't interested in alternative energy? Of course we all are!

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- U.S. scientists say cows might one day help meet the rise in demand for alternative energy sources.

Ohio State University researchers used microbe-rich fluid from cows to generate electricity in a new, small cellulose-based microbial fuel cell.

Doctoral student Hamid Rismani-Yazdi, lead author of the study, said experiments showed it took two of the new cells to produce enough electricity to recharge an AA-sized battery. That power was produced from the breakdown of cellulose by a variety of bacteria in rumen fluid -- the microbe-rich fluid found in a cow's rumen, the largest chamber of a cow's stomach.

To create power, researchers fill a microbial fuel cell with cellulose and rumen fluid.

"Energy is produced as the bacteria break down cellulose, which is one of the most abundant resources on our planet," said Rismani-Yazdi.

The research -- led by Professors Olli Tuovinen and Ann Christy -- was reported this week in Boston during a meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beautiful Morning Glory

I really enjoy looking at my morning glories in the morning. The various colors are so beautiful and striking.

I have butterflies fluttering and bees buzzing in my garden ever since flowers start blooming. Besides the morning glories, the gladialos are blooming too.

I might want to put up some humming bird feeder in my garden some time soon. I have only seen a humming bird in my garden twice before. I'd love to see them around more often in future.

A garden in bloom is such a pleasant sight!

Moving Things Around

Ok, I have decided to move things around a little bit. This is the third Puteri's Musings. One is on Blog*Spot, one on its own domain but located in a sub-directory which isn't the best of places, and this one on blogger platform but with its own custom domain.

All my blogs have been crawled and indexed by google except for the one located in the sub-directory of a hosted domain. Google is having trouble locating the files on! That is pretty frustrating! I cannot put that blog on the top level domain because there is already one Wordpress installation on the top level domain. I did not want the first blog to be connected with Puteri's Musings 2 and that is why the second Wordpress was installed in a sub-directory. In that position, my google page ranking for Puteri's Musings 2 will never go beyond 1 or beyond low.

I don't think I can find a better solution for the problem other than start another blog without having to pay for additional hosting. Registering a domain name and having it point to my Blog*Spot account is the cheapest way to go about it. Now that I know how to go about using a custom domain for Blog*Spot from my other blog's experience, Health and Beauty Notes, due to the excellent tutorial by, I decided to just go with the custom domain for Puteri's Musings 3. The only downside with Blog*Spot is that when it goes on maintenance, there's not much you can do but wait around for it to come back online. The good thing is that the down time is usually not very long and bloggers are usually warned in advance.

So far this blogger hosted blog is working for me.