Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Laser Eyelid Surgery

I heard a very funny comment over the radio recently. It had to do with face lifts and how those who are thinking about going for one should look at Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and use her as an example as to how not to choose a procedure that will give you that wide hollow eyes!

I think with Nancy Pelosi's case, a person has to have those deep set eyes to begin with to end up looking like her after an eyelid procedure. I do not have deep set eyes so if I did go for eyelid rejuvenation procedure, it is not likely that I will end up with eyes that are hollow looking.

I don't think I like the way my eyelids are sagging more and more as the years go by and I am seriously thinking about getting a laser eyelid rejuvenation procedure. This procedure causes minimal bruising, swelling, or bleeding and the end result is very attractive and natural looking.

One Detroit eyelid surgery clinic is called Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa. I have browsed through their website and liked the before and after pictures of the women who had undergone the laser eyelid rejuvenation procedures.

I can imagine the number of years the eyelid surgery would take off my appearance! A pleasant thought indeed!


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