Thursday, May 1, 2008


Last week, while we were walking along Hollywood Boulevard in LA, we walked into a store that sold all kinds of things including the guitar. Duncan wanted to buy a small guitar and a small saxophone. I told him to wait till he started some music lessons before buying him some musical instruments.

There was a guitar that cost only $20. Wow, so cheap! Later on Doug thought he should go back to the store and buy the guitar. After all at $20 who cares if he knew how to play it or not? mrgreen

Then yesterday at the flea market, I saw some really nice guitars for $45 and an electric acoustic one for about $100. I was quite tempted to get one! I know how to play the guitar a little .. just the easy songs with easy chords!

I sometimes joked with Doug that I was sorry that he didn't know how to play any musical instruments! I told him I always thought that the man I married was going to be musically inclined and instead I got him! lol

Here's Australian acoustic guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel performing Angelina.


Zawi said...

In the late seventies I bought myself a Ymaha accoustic guitar. I kept it till end of last year when my wife gave it away to her school to be displayed somewhere in a corner as one of the many musical intruments. All those years I never knew how to play the guitar as everytime I tried to play the guitar, the string seems to cut deeply and painfully into my finger tips. Till this day I still love to dream that I can play the guitar or the keyboards.
My son Azrin plays the guitar but he somehow doesn't like the Yamaha. So I consider the Yamaha has found the right home at the school.

Puteri said...


I know about those hurting fingers! That is one reason why I am not a better guitar player! I used to put paper tape on my fingers to ease the pain! Haha.

Most of us stopped playing before we could develop calluses on our fingers! Those calluses stopped the pain!

Well, at least you didn't mind giving away your guitar. When I left Miri, my brother took my piano so that his children could use it. After all nobody was playing it in at my parents' home! Now I don't even own a piano or a guitar. :-(

But I have a keyboard that my mother-in-law gave me. I can't play it with my children around because they want to start poking at things! I can't let them play with it either because they make too much noise! Haha.

One of these days, I will get myself a guitar, and an electronic tuner of course. Takut nanti don't know how to tune it! Hehe.

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