Thursday, November 29, 2007

A New Year's Eve Party

Some of you know, because you too have been invited, that U.Lee has invited me to join him and his wife to a New Year's Eve party and cruise on board the Queen Mary 2.

To say that I am excited and looking forward to the party and cruise is an understatement! :-)

Just look at this strapless dress that came with the invitation! A black strapless Calvin Klein designer dress! What woman would not be thrilled to wear this creation?

Hmm? What do you think? You know, I still have about a month to get into greater shape so I will do justice to the dress! Yes, I will have to go on a high fiber diet so that my flabby tummy will not show when I wear that dress. And yes, I will do 500 sit ups a day to tone that tummy!

I will have to do some shopping too. Since the dress did not come with shoes, and handbag, and jewelry to match, I will most definitely need to shop for those items! I love beaded and glittery accessories so I have in mind a black with pink clutch purse to go with the dress.

I think this stunning Gucci purse will go really, really well with that black Clavin Klein dress! Woohoo! Beautiful!

How about shoes? I have trouble wearing high heels because they hurt my feet. Who wants to put up with hurting feet when there's dancing later on?! I am not going to miss a dance with Antonio Banderas! Did you know that I will be sitting at a table with Anotonio Banderas? I hope I won't swoon just at the sight of him!

What the heck! These Jimmy Choo shoes are too beautiful! I'll wear them and pay the price. I'll just have to go for a massage after the party! :-)

Ok, jewelry next! Since I design and make jewelry myself, I will wear ear rings, a necklace and a bracelet that I design myself. I will use lots of glittering crystals in my design. I'll be sure to use black, pink, and gold crystals as well as gold findings to match the purse.

How about perfume? Since I will be sitting next to Antonio Banderas I'll have to be sure my perfume will be subtle yet alluring. I will make him forget who Melanie Griffith is! How about Estee Lauder's Pleasures Exotic? Yes, one of my favorite scents!

Ah yes, the handsome and delectable Antonio! I can see myself doing the Paso Doble with him! Doug who?

Can you imagine how alluring and ravishing I will look in that black dress, shoes and accessories! Aiyo, U.Lee will be suitably impressed! Save a dance for me, U.Lee after that dance with Ruby! What? I've got to wait till you're done dancing with Pi Bani? And J.T. and Jamy? Aiyo, good thing Antonio Banderas will be there!

Zawi and Akmal, you two guys better not run away from me when you see me coming! I want at least one dance from both of you!

Ahh, don't be deceived! Underneath all that feminine appearance this mama will be packing heat! Yes, I found the thigh holster! Ooops, since I will be carrying a concealed weapon, I think I should stay away from dances that will require any high kicks. No point carrying a concealed weapon when all and sundry can see it! It might even spook some who have hoplophobia!

Oh yes, one other possible problem about being on a ship. Seasickness. According to U.Lee the Queen Mary 2 is so huge that you can forget you are in a ship. That sounds assuring. I like his suggestion better though. To get my mind off seasickness, I should try some target shooting on deck with Antonio Banderas! Sounds good to me! Well, U.Lee better speak to the Captain first and get his permission! We don't want to freak out the other passengers on the ship!

Oh yes, I am indeed looking forward to the New Year's Eve Party. Oh, gotta go now, need to fix an appointment with a spa and my hairdresser!


Pak Zawi said...

It is good that everybody is looking forward to the party on 30th November. I have made my preparations too. The first thing I did was to have Christian Dior to make slight alterations to the suit U Lee ordered for me since the last measurement he took from me was 6 inches less at the waist.
I was with Pak Idrus at KLCC on 27th November and he showed me Jimmy Choo's outlet at KLCC. Unfortunately this world renowned shoe maker makes shoes only for the female gender. Very unfair. Missed my only chance to wear a Jimmy Choo's creation. Now what? I only have my Caterpillar jungle boot to wear.
Of course I will want a dance with you. Hopefully my Walther wont be too obstrusive to you. Will you be kind enough to do The Joget and the Zapin with me? Its the only dance that I know. After that I will serenade you with "Help Me Make It Through The Night".

Puteri said...


Good thing you were able to have your Christian Dior suit altered to fit you better. Cannot have an outfit that is already too tight before you've started eating! Hehe.

Hey, I read at Park Idrus' blog about your meeting with him. I didn't realize there's a Jimmy Choo outlet at KLCC. Hmm! Must indeed check it out next time!

Aduh, Caterpillar boots not padan with Christian Dior suit! Quick look for Prada or Gucci! They have men's shoes!

Of course I will dance the joget and zapin with you. Must practice in front of the mirror first, eh, otherwise I will swing my arms like I am frying kway teow!!

Wah, serenade me with Help me Make it Through the Night? Woohoo! Clap. Clap. Clap!

Don't worry about my little peacemaker. It'll be very unobstrusive! :-)

Lee said...

Hello Puteri, all I can say is, HOLY SMOKE! You will look really ravishingly, seductive in that black, slinky creation. And that thigh Texas designed, virgin heifer holster with a Walter PPK .38, talk about a femme fatale! Shouldn't be a problem with that PPK, its slim enough, won't be noticed or ahemmm, felt. Make sure barrel is empty, huh? Would not be comfortable when the clock strikes midnight, firecrackers, champagne cocks going off, and me embracing you tight greeting you, "HAPPY NEW YEAR"! And what with being in very close proximity with you, that d!%&* thing goes off accidentally especially knowing the way you (don't ask how I know!) holster it at a certain angle for a fast draw....never mind! just make sure you got the safety on! Never can tell I might want to marry a second wife, younger one and she wants two kids of her own.
And you know what Latin Tango is like, close body contact, legs between legs, yours and mine....never mind.
Hey, you better drop over my place as KC and JT arranging a ahemm, "foursome"! Holy Smoke, With KC, JT, and you in that seductive outfit, Jamy in that hot bias cut number, add Antonio, George, three bottles of Dom Perignon..? It'll be a riot! Bill will be busy with Ruby signing autographs.
Oh ya, I'll make arrangements move you to next to KC and JT's premium cabin...I think it can be arranged for all three rooms to have interconnecting doors. Ahhh, I think they have mirrors on the ceilings too. Funny that!
Anyway, I won't mention to Antonio or George there's a Walter somewhere around, heh heh, especially George not married yet.
Gosh! You'll look really sensational with those accesories you plan on getting, but I will be presenting you a New Year night present, a necklace of Oahu's famous black just make sure that Walter is not cocked and safery is on, Puteri.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! You better suggest to KC and JT any ahemm, ideas you might want to, not about doing target shooting from your balcony or the promanade deck. Heard George loves to play poker, no money involved, but.....see you on board, Puteri. Lee.

J.T. said...

Hi Puteri

U.Lee alerted me about your interesting post. I had to drop by to check it out.

We are all excited about this elegant get together on New Year's Eve. With a promise of sizzling guys hanging around, it gets more interesting.
I am supposed to sit next to George but I have a feeling I won't be able to take my eyes off Antonio (I may even conjure up all kinds of scenes with him in my head! hahaha). Would you mind if I tango-ed with him? *Oh my! As I write this Antonio Banderas is on TV promoting support for a children's hospital. His hotness just went up further.* :)

I haven't figured out what shoes to wear or bag to carry but I am certain that I would like a Harry Winston diamond choker to go with my gorgeous red dress. I thought of wearing my hair up with a few diamond studded hair clips.

Ah! the excitement. I am also looking forward to my tango with U.Lee and settling into the night with a lovely sleepwear he is getting from Victoria's Secret for me. ;)

By the way, good idea not doing any high kick dances if you want to keep your weapon concealed. Good call there. :)

See you at the party of the year, Puteri.

Puteri said...

Lee!!! Just thinking about dancing the tango with you makes me blush!! Ya, better not get to close, that little peaceful might not feel too comfortable!

Aiyo, a foursome with JT and KC and you?! My goodness, I don't know if I am ready for this kind of thing! Sounds kinky! Hey, I don't mind the room upgrade though and the promise of 3 bottles of Dom Perignon! Haha.

Thank you for the black pearl necklace! What a gift by which to remember that special New Year's Eve!

You better have some excuses for Mrs Lee, if don't your up at your cabin after the end of the party! Heheh.

Yes, I promise not to leave any ammo in the barrel, and to keep the saftely lock on. Don't to neuter you before your time! Haha!

See you aboard the Queen Mary 2 on the 30th, U.Lee!

Puteri said...

Oh my goodness, J.T.!!

I can just see you in that stunning red dress with a diamond choker around your neck! Wow, all the guys will turn their heads when you make your entrance, and probably some of us ladies will sigh with envy! Haha.

Haven't decided on your shoes and purse, eh? Take your time, there's still a month to go before that big event! I'm sure whatever you choose, they will look stunning together with the rest of your outfit. I love red too!

I'm sure Antonio Banderas won't be able to help himself and ask you for a dance! Make the most of it!

Yes, greatly looking forward to that party of the year! See you there, J.T.!

Lee said...

Hey Puteri! That "foursome" I'm not included la! You tengok salah. I'll be busy entertaining Ruby (don't ask!) and others. Lee.

Puteri said...

Ahh,Lee, you won't be in that foursome?! Heheh, I read the thing wrong, sorry! If 4 ladies get together, and 3 bottles of Dom Perignon, oh my goodnes! Heheh.

Lee said...

Puteri, I forgot, as for my wife, she'll be busy listening to Kak Teh and Datuk Richard Branson about the coming all British polo open at Wimbledon, what with Charlie and Carmelia being there.
I heard Brad Pitt too might want to join you guys...wa, now become "fivesome"? Can ahhh? Arhaaaa ha ha.
I got to look after Sophia too, but I think I'll let Zawi look after her, they can talk herbal obats, for all you know knowing him he'll broach the subject of Tongkat Ali whatever.
Me...ahemm, I want to dance with Ruby in her slinky red dress, whoooooHooo! Happy new year! Lee.

Lee said...

Puteri, All the above is New Year's eve night. I'll see you on New Year's night.
I know one very interesting, exciting way to celebrate with you on your balcony under the stars, we make 'boom boom'. I bring my Smith&Wesson .357 Mag, you bring along your Ruger Redhawk.45...we do 'boom boom' on your balcony...throw overboard an empty champagne bottle.
Ha ha. Lee.

Pak Zawi said...

Dont joke around with the .357Magnum as you may make a big hole on the ceiling of RA's cabin and even a single shot of that calibre can take away both myself and Sophia Lorens in the room exactly above it on the upper deck. Dont change the joyous mood of celebration into a mourning.

pat said...

Hehehe...Aku di entertain oleh Bradd Pitt Lagi..Pheww..Enti amai-amai kada ke luput aku meda Bradd Pitt nyak.HEhehe..

Nightwing said...

Have seek permission from Uncle Lee for my team to provide security...:)

So no need to bring live rounds...use blanks to welcome the new year with your guns...:)

Puteri said...

Ooopss, Lee, I meant peacemaker in my earlier comment!
Sure bring along your Smith&Wesson .357 Mag! We make big boom boom!

Ya better stay clear of the cabins, don't want to blast a hole right into Zawi and Sophia Loren's cabin! Hahaha!

Ok, Lee, that's a date for New Year's day!

Puteri said...

Haha, Pat,aku luput meda Brad Pitt! Haha, and Anotonio Banderas! Hehe.

Puteri said...


We will shoot into the ocean, at the empty champagne bottles as they are flung in the ocean .. like trap shooting, you know!

Don't worry about us blasting a hole in the ceilings! Hehe.

Puteri said...

Nightwing, good of you to offer to bring your own private security. Not to worry, I know gun safety! Hehe.

Sorry, I didn't mention you in the post. Don't forget you have to dance at least one dance with me.

And after Zawi has sung his serenade it will be your turn. You better start learning Wonderful Tonight! Haha.

Nightwing said...

hehe...No problemo...will make sure my voice is in tip top condition for the party...:)

hmm...will brush up my dancing steps too (must make sure not step on toes..:)

Lee said...

Puteri, tumpang here answer Zawi. Hey Zawi! Saya ni bukan L lesen main pistols la, both Puteri and I have shooting trophies at home, she twice Texas and Oklahoma State champion, pistols and rifles.
You really made me laugh tembak atas your cabin! Arhaaa ha ha.
Wa, Puteri carrying heat on her thigh, I mean her Walter PPK, Pi Bani bringing her safety pins and curry powder pepper spray, Nightwing with his half dozen ex-swat guys, we should be okay safety wise.
But Zawi, you better watch yourself dancing with Puteri, huh! Dance at an angle if you know what I mean, her Walter has a hair trigger, lagi pun you nak joget and ronggeng with her? Sini lompat, sana lompat, itu Walter meletup...never mind, arhaaa ha ha.
This party will be a riot! Lee.

Pak Zawi said...

After a couple of Henessey Xos that I am going to smuggle onboard all targets become double to u. However good a shooter you you wont be able to shoot straight. Thats why I am cautioning you.
My God, the .357 can make a small entry but exit with a hole the size of my face. Me and Sophia wont be able to survive that.

Anonymous said...

Wahh! What's this "Doug who?" bit? No mention of me on your cruise? I'd better tag along anyway. I'm sure there will be lots of nice ladies to dance with while Puteri is still waiting in line for her turn with Antonio.

U. Lee, I think I should warn you. Puteri knows gun safety in her head but needs more practice. Just stay behind her when she tries to work the slide to chamber a round.

Puteri, wouldn't you be more comfortable in that attire with one of my Derringers ("a Ladies Best Friend") instead of your Beretta? It won't be as good for shooting at champagne bottles down in the water but, after having already consumed the contents of the bottles, who will care about accuracy anyway?


Puteri said...

Sweetie, don't blow my cover! Heheh, let U.Lee believe I'm the crack shot he thinks!

What tag along? No invite, no entry to the boat!

Pak Zawi said...

Allow me to addrss your 'Doug' who?.
Doug, thanks for telling me about Puteri's so called expertise with guns. At least I will be more wary of her and her S & W .357 Magnum toting friend by the name of Lee (could be Bruce Lee's brother)who will be the host.
After finishing those bottles they will see people like you and me as bottles for their targets. Better replace all their bullets with blanks. We will be safer that way.
Since you have been dancing with Puteri for almost half of your life, please have a change of partners and have the pleasure of dancing with a rejuvenated Sophia Loren and allow me the pleasure of doing the joget and zapin with your Puteri.

Lee said...

Hi Doug 210, Hey Man, you're invited. It'll be my pleasure have you come along. Please come.
I need help, there's ten more ladies, not enough men around, our tables I mean. Can you handle 3 one time? At dinner I mean, heh heh.
Hey Puteri...I think I will stand behind you when you check your gun, and for goodness sake and the future of the Lee generation, get Doug210 to check your gun first...
I wouldn't be surprised Doug brings along his Desert Eagle .44 Mag.
Puteri, with due consideration of Doug maybe bringing his Desert Eagle, I think I'll just stick to doing the disco with you...arhaaa ha ha.
Hey, you guys have a nice weekend, and Puteri...make sure that pistol under your pillow is on safety. Ha ha. Lee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Zawi and Mr. U. Lee,
I would be most honored to be a guest at Mr. Lee's year end cruise. It will be a pleasure and honour to meet the illustrious and flirtatious Mr. Lee and to also meet Mr. Zawi. I hear that Mr. Zawi is quite knowledgeable concerning the effects of various Malaysian herbs and I am quite eager to receive instruction concerning what is best for certain age related male "deficiencies". ;-)

Mr. Zawi, I will be most certain to restrain Puteri from accidentally perforating yourself and whoever you may be with at that moment. I think there is time to send out a special order for a box of blanks before the cruise. You'd better do the joget and zapin with her before she gets to the champagne, though.

As for personal firearms for sport and self-defence, I'll probably just bring my FireStar compact .45 semi-auto. It is quite accurate enough for "plinking" at the empty bottles.

I am afraid, my friends, that I shall have to mind my "P's and Q's" with all of those beautiful ladies you intend to introduce me to. Puteri will be armed and I do not desire to do anything which would cause her to deprive her children of a father. It will be, alas, conversation and dancing only for me.

Again, thank you for the gracious invitation to your cruise, Mr. Lee.

Pak Zawi said...

Very thoughtful and gracious of you. I will bring some Tongkat Ali extract for you. Will 1 kg do? That will keep your 'Fire Star .45 semi auto standing' for the rest of your life.

Unknown said...

Puteri, or... Doug who,
Alamak, pesal banyak adegan tembak2 nih? Kang James Bond(me) buat filem kat situ kang, haaaa, baru haru biru(",)!
Want a dance? My pleasure gorgeous lady. Heheh.
Pak Zawi, any shooting happens, I'll back you up!

Unknown said...

Hello Puteri,

Sorry lambat sampai. My Gulfstream 550 that I ordered arrived late..ha ha!

Oh girl, you're hilarious! You have hidden weapon eh? LOL.

Anyway while you're looking for your accessories, let me tell ya what I've got.

When Lee picked up Bob Mackie's red beaded uber racy number, little did Lee know that Bob has heard of me (ha ha..kalah JLO). Bob would not want any other accessories to go with his avant garde design 'cept Harry Winston's and no less. I will be accompanied by two bodyguards as it were but of course when I'm loaded with 5m baubles and then after boogeying the night away..phew (LOL)!

So Puteri with your sharp shootoing skills and bodyguards courtesy HW's, we girls might be in good hands..or would we with Lee, Zawi, Akmal, Bill, George, Anthony? We need more than Puteri and bodyguards eh? *chuckle*

What a New Year's Eve we are all gonna have eh! Can't wait!

Puteri said...


Wow, you will be dripping with 5m worth of bling bling from Harry Winston? My goodness, your bodyguards and Nightwing's security better be on their best watch that night! Hehe. J.T. is also going to be wearing a diamond choker from Harry Winston.

I better make sure my concealed weapon will not be too difficult to reach! Haha.

With Lee leading the men, we ladies will most definitely have the most memorable and enjoyable night. What with Zawi, Akmal, Nightwing, Bill, Antonio, George who knows what the night will turn out to be! Not to mention all that talk about target shooting!

See you aboard the Queen Mary 2 on Dec 30th, Ruby!

Unknown said...

Btw, Puteri to honour all the effort made by Lee in picking with great care and love our beautiful outfits, we must do justice to the clothes lah..ha ha.

I know you ain't much of a high-heels lover, but just for that night can I order for all the girls 4" stainless steel heels from Jimmy Choo's! We'll look the part then. I heard kalau order 14 pairs we get some discount..HA HA (in capital letters some more..duh!)

I will fly over a masseuse just for you Puteri (of course I pun tumpang after the 11th dance). Lee, you're welcome to have a turn too..ha ha.

Psst..the stainless steel heels could double up as weapons too, real weapons I mean..ha ha.

Unknown said...

Oh you mean Nightwing will be with us? That's a bonus. I thought he would be busy with 'saving souls' duties that night being New Year's eve. Oh that is wonderful. Save a dance for me Nightwing, maybe two..ha ha..not everytime we can get a dance with a super hero. See ya soon.

Lee said...

Hi Puteri, wow! See what you have done! You stirred up a real riot here. Arhaaa ha ha.
And Doug 210, he made me laugh my wife thought I had gone bonkers!
He going to ahemmm, behave himself at the party what with you carrying concealed heat, ha ha ha.
Hey Doug, I too have my wife on board, but *wink* one can get lost onboard, right,*wink.
Just you and me we'll toss back a few Jack Daniels, and just you and me, we take Salmah Hayek, you take Carmen Electra, we go dancing on a lower floor.
WoW! A firestar compact semi-auto .45? Holy Smoke!
You guys don't fool around, huh?
Puteri, on second thoughts, I too will behave myself when dancing with you, heh heh.
Doug bringing his 105 Howitzer is no joke!
Hey Puteri, got something about matured women in my blog.
Ask Doug come over he and me can knock back a few Jack Daniels. See ya Doug. Always a pleasure knowing someone like you. Lee.

Lee said...

Puteri, allow me space here reply Ruby.
Ruby, you not only will look dazzling in your that slinky, red evening dress, but with all those glittery stuff on your ears, fingers, and ankle...
Doug...I changed my mind, you go entertain Salmah and Carmen...I better go look after Ruby.
I will tell the orchestra to play the 'La Cumparsita' Tango and Ruby, please allow me the pleasure of that Tango...and the lovely scent of a woman.
See you on board, Ruby. I await your presence with but great impatience. Lee.

winniethepooh said...

Hi Puteri, came via Uncle Lee's blog and gee..that Gucci purse is gorgeous! definitely completing the look with the jimmy choo shoes. I bet Uncle Lee and the guys simply cant take their eyes off u when u are on board the Queen Mary 2 cruise :)

p/s Uncle Lee, i was reading and something came to mind..hmm..New year's Eve party shouldnt that be on the 31st Dec instead of 30th Nov? :)

Puteri said...

Ruby, yes Nightwing will be with us. His security personnel will be busy protecting us! Haha.

He has promised to serenade me with Wonderful Tonight. Did you know that he is quite the accomplished singer?

Haha, some of us can do some slow dancing when he sings that song!

Puteri said...

Lee, yes I can see the "riot" going on at your New Year's Eve party! Haha, you lah started it!

Don't worry, Doug said he's going to order blanks, and I think it will be wiser to leave the "protecting" with the professionals that Nightwing will be bringing with him. Ex SWAT team, some more, so I think we should all feel at ease! haha.

I know you said the Queen Mary 2 is a big ship and people can get "lost" in it. If that is the case, I have given Doug a GPS and he cannot use the excuse of being lost for not being back at our cabin when he should be there! Haha.

Puteri said...


Bring your camera. Who knows what kind of action you'll be able to take that night! Haha.

Be sure to catch the target shooting action too! That would be priceless!

Puteri said...


Yes, I am glad I found that particular Gucci purse! It indeed is a most suitable match for the dress and shoes!

We are meeting Lee and the missus on Dec 30th on board, but the party is for Dec 31. And on New Year's day I have a date with Lee. We are going target shooting on deck, shooting at the champagne bottles as we throw them into the ocean.

Don't how good we will be especially with a hangover from the previous night's revelry! Hahah.

Anonymous said...

hehe...Don;t worry Kak Ruby, i will be fine...that night security will be very air tight.

Need help with those bringing ur own personal 'protection' i mean guns and pistols...;)

Please register ur name, other wise my team will confiscate it or thought, some pirates or gate crashers are invading the party.

And i will be busy with ...ahem ..some 'double trouble' courtesy of Uncle Lee...:)

And singing a song, request by Puteri plus a dance with her and kak Ruby.

hmmm...i think i better request one of my super hero gang to stop time a bit or make time move that every one will enjoy themselves more...:)

kina said...


Some party huh!

I need to take up express dance lesson before I fall flat out on the dance floor. Some more with Jimmy Choo's stainless steel heels, woohooo, I'm getting seasick already thinking about it!

Puteri said...

Heheh, Kina, those stainless steel heels can be lethal on someone who can't dance! Some more a sea sick one! Better get out of your way on the dance floor! Haha.

pat said...

hehehehe...mayuh amai komen ditu..rami amai!

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