Monday, November 5, 2007

High on sewage stench?!

This info bulletin is legit. But I was doubtful about the subject matter. I checked out and they have a story about it. In fact Zambia's street children have been getting high on the gas from the fecal matter. Blehhhh.


Nightwing said...

That is really gross and a stupid way to get high. They do not know that they also inhaled germs...yucky.

Puteri said...

Ya, so yucky!! What a cheap way to get high though!! Must be dangerous too .. coz they passed out first, then they experience the hallucinations! Euwwwww!

Zawi said...

The gas is mostly methane. Could they get high on that?

Puteri said...

Zawi, I guess methane can make them get high. What a horrible way to get high though! Those Zambian kids cannot afford glue or afraid to steal petrol, so they start sniffing methane from sewage! Urggghhh!

pat said...

ka mutah aku ninga nyium bau taik??akai!

Puteri said...

Ko kitai sigi ka mutah meh nyium bau tai! Tang ba sida ti ka high, enda kira, tat aja asal ulih hayal! Pei!!

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