Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cover Girl

In case you missed it, I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated's November 2007 issue. I'm sure you'll still be able to get a hold of the November issue if you call their circulation department. I was told that that issue was one of the more popular issues in the past year.

The main feature of that issue was women and guns. I tell you there were more beautiful and sexier models that Sports Illustrated could have used for their cover but instead they chose me. They wanted to write stories of real women and their guns. That means real women come in all shapes and sizes, and that also means not all possess magazine cover looks.

Lucky for me because how else would I have been able to make it to a magazine cover? You know what, I think they could have done a better job with air brushing my face. My eye bags shouldn't even be visible! You know what I mean? Well, I should be thankful they chose sepia instead of full color for the cover! :-)

What? You want to be on the cover of a magazine too? Ok, I'll tell you how you can. Heheh, go to and you can be on the cover of a magazine too! Hehehe.


pat said...

Hehehehe...Let's see what U.Lee will have to say about this..Very Garang!

Puteri said...

Hehe, garang!

Akmal said...

If you never mention the site down at the bottom, you FOOLED me you know? Hahaha. Yes I want to know what U.Lee would say 'bout this hahahaha.

Nightwing said... Pat, was thinking what is Uncle Lee's comment going to be.

Ya..very garang..."Go ahead, make my day punk!!"

Nice one...ehehe

Puteri said...

Haha, Akmal, you thought it was for real! Haha. I was afraid some people might think it was real, so I included that last paragraph! I thought about not including it! Hehe.

Puteri said...


Look garang kah? hehe. Lee will say, Holy Smoke!! Hehe.

pat said...

Wah..looks like everyone is looking forward for Uncle Lee's comment.Hehehe...

Zawi said...

I thought I was the one on the cover for that month's issue? How could they changed it to you at the last minute? I was using the Smith & Wesson loaded with .357 Magnum bullets. This must definitely be a mistake. I will have to check with the publisher and sue them for their last dollar. Elviza will act on my behalf.

Puteri said...


Apalah, you must be thinking of next year's February issue! The November issue was about women and guns. So of course lah they cannot have you on the cover!

Maybe you should get your lawyer, Elviza, to find out if indeed you will be featured on the cover in next year's February issue. I think the featured topic will be about men who are hooplophobia? Hehehe!

Pi Bani said...

Fuh! People shouldn't mess with this cover girl I tell you!!

Nantilah, I may wanna have a try at becoming a cover girl too... holding a butcher knife! ;)

Puteri said...

Pi Bani,

If you appear on the cover with a butcher knife, baik baik sikit, nanti orang fikir mass murderer on the loose! Hehehe!

U.Lee said...

HOLY SMOKE!! PUTERI! When I heard you on sports Illustrated and knowing they have only girls in very TINY bikinis, sometimes strap bawa tu loosed too, macham nak jatuh...Sebelum I buka your page, I chepat go minum iced water first, big glass, I mean my heart still stronger than zawi's, but hey! Got to keep it cool, you know, to see you, a gorgeous hotpot of a gunslinger lady in a skimpy bikini?
At first I belum put on my reading glasses and read like you on Penthouse Magazine or Playboy Mag? Wa, if like that I sure tell my wife go do her laundry, otherwise she pop into my solarium here, habis! Game over for me, see a gorgeous lady, somemore my friend in a skimpy bikini bottom, no top, ahemmm, no more blogging for me! Then put on my glasses, Wa hai! Sports Illustrated !!!! Ahhh, Puteri in a bikini? Maybe the bottom part only? Top one loosed cover shoulders?....They noted for ahemmm, striptease kind of covergirls, WhooooHooo!
Puteri! Aiyaaa! Carry gun lagi! Holy Smoke! Talk about a Famme Fatale...and that Beretta 9mm, wa, the way you look in the pic, like waiting for Incik Bond, you know that guy, apa nama dia? His lisence number is 007?
Don't you dare bring that artillery on board the Queen Mary 2 New Year's eve!
Hey! How come the photographer took only your lovely babyface looks? He should have taken another 1 foot lower.
Baik pun saya not photographer, I sure take lower, ARHAAA HA HA.
Puteri, you sure caught me this one...I mean you on Sports Illustrated. No bikini shots? Ha ha ha.
But puteri! You sure got a babyface look in this cover pic.
Psssst, when you appearing in Penthouse, or Ceiling house? Heh heh.
Sorry I couldn't come earlier, bad snow storm la. My car outside now like Eskimo Igloo, can't see my wheels, snow up to my hood! And cold too! Lucky got a warm, lovely babyface lady to warm me up in Sports Illustrated.
Go ahead, make my night! Lee.

Puteri said...


This Sports Illustrated issue, no bikini clad models! It is about ordinary women and their guns! Haha, ordinary women don't have magazine cover kind of figures! haha! Good thing they didn't insist I put on a bikini! Otherwise, no go lah.

Babyface? Heheh, nobody ever said I have a babyface look! Heheh. Thanks, you made my day!

Ok, I won't bring my Beretta. I have a derringer I can bring, more comfortable also on my thigh! :-)

Wahhh, that cold, ah in Toronto! Until your car became an igloo! Heheh, it is cold here too but never as cold as Toronto! Good thing lah, otherwise me cannot go out at all. Cannot tahan the cold!

Nightwing said...

Haha....great stuff...knew Uncle Lee will come out with cool comments...:)

U.Lee said...

Hi Puteri, re my present postings, I am republishing some over again, for some new members especially, but this time all unedited, unabridge, PGA rated, unlike in previous blog as we all abit more matured, won't blush or bite fingernails. Last time Nightwing under age, Zawi still a new friend, don't want think I always got dishonourable thoughts.
Constructing next one now, will publish tomorrow night, Canada time, not Pasir Mas time or Sibu time.
By the way, ahemmm, I love that bra of yours. Holy Smoke, I pun blush say that...ahhh, but got excuse you bought it for the party.
Maybe I ask my wife wear Hawaiian style bra, two coconut shells? Cheaper la. Then can sing the song "coconut woman" previously sung by Harry Belafonte. Arhaaaa ha ha. Lee.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Puteri,

WOW! You actually got me there! Ha ha! What a lovely idea..they won't do it for us, well we make our dream come true then...LOL! Macam2 kepala hotak creative people ni. I do take my hat off for this idea. I will try but have to understand the workings first.

I must say you are ahead with IT ideas lah Puteri. Kudos.

Puteri said...


I don't think your wife willing to go with coconut shell type bra! Haha!

I like the direction of your new blog .. ya your regular readers are mature and nothing you write is actually X rated!! Have you read any of the romance novels these days? They are racy and quite explicit! Your stories are tame by comparison! Haha, I mean the sexy parts lah. Story wise, yours are more interesting! :-) More real life!

Puteri said...


I actually got you too?! Haha, Akmal was the first to admit he thought it was for real till the last paragraph! Haha.

If wait to appear for real on magazine covers, will never happen lah. Heheh, you should do one too, and make a story to go with it! Vogue or Cosmo definitely not for me, but Sports Illustrated can, minus the skimpy bikini! Haha.

Nightwing said... under think i was the yougest it is Akmal i think...:)

U.Lee said...

Hi Puteri, I must look for mag 'Playman'...then I pose? Arhaaaa ha ha. Lee.

Puteri said...

Haha, Lee, you start the mag la. How about Playgirl? Mostly man posing at Playgirl!

U.Lee said...

Hi Puteri, talking about these mags, you go to movies?
I'm not much of a movie guy, not even rented movies, but did see 'Memoirs of a Geisha, Flags of our fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Last Samurai'...I like that fellow Ken Watanabe.
Anyway, my wife dragged me to go see Ang Lee's latest, 'Love and lust' or something saying I will like it as a war drama.
My foot! War drama?
Both of us even brought along an unmarried friend, not sure she still virgin or not, but HOLY SMOKE!
Puteri...I am not one easily shocked if a woman strips naked infront of me, or whatever, unless Zawi's sarong accidentally drops...but this movie...
where got war?
There were about 6 sex scenes, each about 15 minutes long, and I tell you, Tony Leung and that new Chinese actress must both have a 4th Dan Black belt in sexual positions whatever and drank Tongkat Ali past 58 days before this movie...and Puteri, NO HOLLYWOOD MOVIE can beat this movie, believe you me.
They were actually going into it like the charge of the light brigade, take no prisoners!
You name it, you see it, they did it, what with the sensurround sounds to add Hyenas about to buka puasa.
HOLY SMOKE Puteri...and me now presently behaving like about to do my thesis for a Bangkok Monastry in chantings...they were having sex in every which way. Can see ahemmm, everything, and I mean including the kitchen sink!
I tell you, that fellow whats his name, ahhh yes, Incik Hugh Hefner...he would have raised both eyebrows among other things.
Makes what we see on Channel 29 here at 10pm look like young girls and boys plating doctor.
Puteri...that virgin, ahhh I mean that young lady friend sitting beside me...aiyohhh, saya pun malu la, I was like a new kampong bride on honeymoon night, shy she watched both her eyes buka so big like seeing ghosts at 3am, arhaaaa ha ha.
Had to apologise to her, blame my wife, "aiyaaaa, see la! War movie"??
The virgin, I mean SYT laughed and giggled, "hey uncle, good movie, that".
Huh? Ha ha ha. Lee.

Puteri said...


I don't remember the last movie I saw at the theater. Nowadays I watch the movie channel on satellite tv or borrow from Netflix!

Now, you really got me all interested in this movie!! Haha, must look for it at Netflix! Haha, war movie your foot! You mean the movie was not censored, you saw everything including the kitchen sink?!! Aiyo, now I really must see this movie! Hahahah, your movie review is just too funny!

So all that heavy breathing heard all around the theater thru the surround sound sounded like Hyenas about to buka puasa? ARrhhahahah! This is just too funny!

Well, at least the virgin thought the movie was a good one! Her eyes opened wide like she saw a ghost at 3 am, eh!! Haha, maybe if she saw Zawi's sarong drop her eyes will practically pop out! Arrhahahaha!

Eh, confirm with me the title of the movie, Love and Lust? War and lust? What is it now? Ang Lee movie, ok. Hahahah.

Good review of the movie, including reactions from you and the SWT! Hahahah! What was your wife's reaction? You didn't mention at all, hahahah!

U.Lee said...

Hello Puteri, the title of the movie is, "LUST, CAUTION", by incik Ang Lee.
Oh ya, that Chinese actress who was ahemm, under Tony Leung, her picture is in my posting, the invitation to the New Year eve cruise...last picture after all of you and others in those designer dresses. Yes, she is the I know, ahemmm what she looks like without....never mind.
Puteri, I assure you, the movie beats anything I've seen on TV or Hollyood or Bollywood or Nowood.....
Re my wife? She laughed, "ooops! Sorry, thought it was a war movie saw in the papers a picture show Japanese soldiers".
But I can tell you, that virgin, I mean SYT...she sure got stories to tell her office friends next day, and I don't think its what Tony Leong wearing, what he was not wearing....
Puteri, I kid you about Apollo 14 're-entry' I said earlier, will see 'everything', and that includes the kitchen sink, arhaa ha ha.
Pity Zawi cannot see it at Pasir Mas...he will have to drink his obat hutan to cool down.
And the sex scenes will make incik Michael Douglas with Sharon Stone in that movie I lupa the title, they both in the kitchen going at it....compared to this Ang Lee movie, makes Michael Douglas like a new iexperienced bridgroom...wa, I just wonder how Tony's real wife feels when she sees him....never mind la, you go get the CD or see the movie, better see on big screen....then everything looks ahemm, BIG!!
I will not trust my wife from now on re her taste of movies...ha ha, war movie!! Lee.

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