Monday, December 10, 2007

Bra for Lee's New Year's Eve Party

There's one other item of clothing I thought I'd like to wear to the New Year's Eve party on the Queen Mary 2 that is going to be hosted by U.Lee and his wife.

I came across the following item on the internet today and I thought it is a must have item to complete my outfit for the party.

This is a bra made of over 2,500 diamonds weighing over 100 carats, which is worth 10 million yuan (1,354,683.08 USD). I think with Ruby and J. T. wearing Harry Winston's baubles, and I wearing this diamond studded bra, Nightwing's private security team will be kept busy. Of course with my pearl handled trusted derringer firmly ensconced in my thigh strap, I will have personal backup if anything untoward should happen.

I may have to do something about that Calvin Klein strapless black number that Lee got for me. No point wearing this bra if I can't show it off! Maybe I could return the dress for something with a plunging neckline?

What say you my fellow revellers?

Photo Credits: Xinhuanet Photo


Pak Zawi said...

A bra like that can only be worn without anything else covering it. Otherwise there is no point of wearing it. Not only the bra will be an attraction but the two lumps of body part will be an equal attraction. At least we can always say we are looking at the bra and not what is within it. You will be the star on that night.

Puteri said...


You are so right! I think I will ditch the strapless black dress and find a micro mini to go with that diamond studded point. No point covering such an attractive bra, right? Heheh.

Oops, I can't wear a micro mini because I have that derringer strapped to my thigh. Maybe a gypsy style skirt then, something that can swirl when I do the tango and the Paso Doble! :-)

Puteri said...

Oops, typp, the diamond studded bra!

Beachlover said...

hihihi!!..ok.I try to go around your blogs:)))...I like your special diamond bra!!..I think Uncle Lee eye will just glue to your BRA instead of his wifey!!

Puteri said...


I don't think Lee's eyes will be the only one glued to my chest! Haha! They will say they are admiring the diamonds, of course!

Lee said...

PUTERI! HOLY SMOKE! What a bra? Oh boy! Talk about diamonds are forever! Makes me feel like Indiana Jones and the hidden...ahhh,never mind, arhaa ha ha.
With diamonds done that way, I can imagine everyone will be keeping their hands in the pocket, if any diamonds were to drop on the floor, can you imagine everyone of us on our knees and elbows looking for the one or two diamonds on the floor?
People will think its a new Malaysian dance, 'the crawl'! Arhaaa ha ha.
There was a orang puteh lady here, she beautiful, with a body to die for, wife of a multi-millionaire, she wore to a big social party of big guns and wore small gold plates tied together covering 3/4 of her body. Holy Smoke! Inbetween get glimpses of her body.
She left everyone speechless not to mention all the men having fantasies of wanting to be a gold miner. Heh heh.
And me! Ahaa! I happen to have bought the stocks the husband's company had issued. Bought at $4.00 and after few months it shot to $60! I got out at $50!! That was when the hi-tech bubble burst.
My wife and I had a lovely holiday to Singapore and KL, plus bought a Mercury Gran Marquis V8.
Fortunately my beautiful wife didn't have ideas of wearing something similar, gold plates!!! Told her we can only afford banana leaves plates, arhaaa ha ha.
Wa, this party becoming a very classy one now, with Ruby, you, JT all going to razzle and dazzle us with baubles, and your hidden gems, heh heh.
I think I know what dress to get you, Puteri...anyone looking at what dress I have in mind will sure think of Hawaii's volcanos, but I'm more worried about a diamond rush! Ha ha.
Puteri, you are my kind of woman! The diamond kind!
YeeeeeeHaaaaa! Lee.

pat said...

Wah la wey!!Jaga-jaga...Dont let theives got attracted to your "boobs"!Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

At first like Uncle Lee, thought there was a typo in Uncle Lee's blog...

So venture over here...:)

No worries, my team will be ready..:)

Puteri said...

Haha, Lee, you almost choked on your iced coffee when I invited you over to see my bra?! Heheh.

That lady wearing the gold plates for the party ... arrhhhaaahaha, that was so funny, and you telling your wife you can only afford banana leaf plates .. arharhahaha, that was just too funny!

Hawaiian kind of dress? You mean some grass skirt and a diamond studded bra?! Hahaha, what a wild party that is going to be! Heheh.

I thought I was done writing about your party, but when I came across that diamond bar, haha, I just couldn't resist writing another post! Heheh.

Puteri said...

Pat, thieves better not lay a hand on my boobs!! I am armed, remember? Heheh.

Puteri said...


Haha, you thought it was typo? Haha.

Yes, I know your ex-seals security team will be ready for the unexpected! Heheh.

Unknown said...

Hello Puteri,

Oh my word! Holy Smoke (yeah! Terpaksa pinjam Lee's words when I terkejut besar..ha ha)!

In terms of daringness, I think JT and I would happily give it to you Puteri..ha ha. Wow! It takes some special kind of lady to be able to carry that gorgeous bra and you are perfect for it cos you are trained to carry some secret weapon should some men get all riled up when exposed to your feminie beauty! I swear they would, so get ready for action gurl!

I will keep to my Harry Winston's 5m baubles and Bob Mackie's uber stylish red beaded number Lee laboriously picked for me.

My date is Bill, remember? I have no room to go sexier than what has been chosen (lame excuse!)..he he. Mrs Clinton's runnning for election. I can't afford to create undue scandal yet again for him..LOL!

Well done Puteri. Bring on some never-done-before fun to the gang then! Quite original that...real brave design.

Hop over to my blog. You have some work to do..he he.

Puteri said...


Haha, so you terkejut besar eh! Haha. Ya, that is indeed one daring outfit, and trust me if anyone dares to lay a hand on my person without my permission, that person is going to be really, really sorry! Hehehe.

Ya, you better not too provocative with Bill around coz you never know what that aging Romeo might try to do! Haha, poor Hillary doesn't need a scandal on her hands before the elections!

Haha, this New Year's Eve bash is going to be quite memorable! :-)

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