Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We met!

This trip back to Malaysia, I managed to meet up with a total of three blogger friends.

Can you guess who that blogger to my right is? He wants to remain anonymous but I can give you a hint!

During Lee's big and fancy New Year Eve's party, he offered his own security detail to guard us ladies who were decked in our very best finery and baubles!

He took us to a very nice golf club and as it happened it rained heavily when we got there. So we sat down to have lunch and drinks until the rain cleared.

I also met up with two Iban bloggers over the Gawai holidays. I wrote about my visit to them in my Iban blog.

Doug and I have never been to Bintangor but we drove from Saratok to Sarikei first and took the ferry across the river in Sarikei to Bintangor. Cuthess, my Iban blogger friend met us at a gas station in Bintangor and we followed her in our car.

She's getting married to a Canadian in August, and we plan on attending her wedding reception in Sibu. Good thing Doug will be back in Malaysia during that time.

We also stopped to visit Grace and her brother, Fred, in Sarikei on our drive back to Saratok. Their house is along the road and it was easy to find.

There are other blogger friends in Kuching that I would love to meet but unfortunately we won't be passing by Kuching this time round. But a couple will be at Cuthess' wedding reception in August and it will be an opportunity to meet up with them.

We hope to meet Zawi in Kelantan. Doug and I look forward to meeting him and visiting Kelantan. It has been more than 20 years since I was in Kelantan!

Our stop in KL this time will be short and there won't be enough time to meet up with anyone. I'd love to meet up with a couple of blogger friends if we had the time. Maybe next time, eh.


Pi Bani said...

Let me guess, that blogger in the first pic also loves to sing, doesn't he?

Puteri said...

Pi Bani, you guessed correctly!

Unknown said...

That guy in the first, sing, guard..
Ahah! Him!

Puteri said...

Akmal, yes HIM! hehe.

patty king said...

Yes Puteri.. enti bc mansa kuching ulihla betemu nggau bala bloggerbukai..ala2 reunion hahahaha...

Pak Zawi said...

Now this blogger is giving his identity away.
Anyway if you are interested to know abit the Asus Ee 1000 small notebook check it here:
Now small and light is in.

Lee said...

Hello Puteri, it was really a beautiful surprise have you on board again after MIA so long. Missed you, Puteri.
Aha! I know who that fellow is...karoake kaki tu. Ha ha.
Wow! You balek kampong, huh?
I bet it was fun meeting bloggers for the first time.
I too am looking forward to meet several Sarawak friends...that handsome fellow in first pic...the Dean Martin of Miri especially. I owe him two big dinners!
As well a couple of Sarawak beauties, one whom I dedicated birthday greeting two weeks ago...she a really, stunning beauty too, an Orang Ulu. Now my good friend.
You know, Sarawak sure can produce exotic, stunning beauties! Not to mention one by the name of Puteri.
Wow! Your hubby must be 6'4"? Remind me not to meet him at the OK Corral? South Fork, okay, ha ha.
I popped over your place sometime back, but gone MIA, then as got no links, unable to knock your door.
But thrilled you came by.
You keep your finger off the trigger and have a nice day, best regards, Lee.

Puteri said...

Lee, yes that's our friend the kaki karaoke! Haha.

What 6'4"? You are taller than him lah. He looked tall there because the two fellas standing to him are short! Heheh.

When are you planning on being in Sarawak? You will definitely have a great time esp when you meet up with all those friends you have made along the blogging world!

We won't be in Malaysia, not for another 2 years, I think. But right now we are enjoying the friends and the food!

Beachlover said...

You look good in the first pix!.lots of suntan and slim !!.Sorry I can't guess who is the blogger...Keep more photo coming.When you're in KL remember to makan kuat kuat.too bad I never been to Kelatan in my whole life..pls share of photo :(

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